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tv   Road to the White House  CSPAN  October 27, 2013 10:40pm-11:01pm EDT

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people that we represent, the legislative branch needs to stand up to the executive branch and the judicial branch at times. >> two final questions, first, do you have a chance to read? >> well, it kind of depends. i go through spurts. >> who are you reading now? >> i picked up peggy noonan's book on what ill thought the revolution which was her time in the white house and ronald reagan. i'm almost done with that one. and i'm enjoying rereading. that and my baby name book. is. >> later, run for president? leadership in the house? the senate? >> we'll see. i'm honored to be representing
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the people here in eastern washington here in congress. i don't have any plans wanting to run for the other offices. >> tonight provide clarity to move the country forward. >> kathy mcmorris roger, thank you for your time. >> thank you. >> before congress returns to work this week, we talk to a reporter about what's ahead on
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capitol hill. >> a short week this week. he writes it floor action blog. one of the things happening on the hill, one of the things for the house next week. >> kaline sebelius will testify on wednesday. she's in the sights of the republicans, the person not only responsible for the website rollout which by all accounts doesn't seem to go well at all. 10% of people trying to find out they cannot sign up. she'll get an earful. she'll be grilled at the hearing. people are looking for answers
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to questions like when did you know it was not going to work that well. when did you pull back. who's in charge of all of that. she'll get an earful too and will be writing it all week. >> what's the deadline facing the committee. >> there are high hopes. a lot of people have high hopes that you can reach the grand
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bargain but that's not a quick deadline. you have them saying we need to do this before thanksgiving. we don't want to get with a week or two left. and the markets might give a little shiver. that sheems to be putting on a trek to a short term deal that might get us funding for 2014. and it may -- it may mean we don't have entitlement reform and we don't have that much in the way of taxes. >> the dodd-frank financial regulations law.
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what can you tell us about that. >> it's like health care. a lot of republicans don't like it. these two ideas many think hedging risks was the head of the financial crisis. a lot of people including ben bernanke and the federal reserve chairman, their ability to do it again. they limit the ability of labor department to impose new standards, it will make them
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wait for the sec to react first. since the debt ceiling bill, is there a backlog bill up this week also? it's boring writing sometimes. but they do bipartisan bill as a result of both parties. >> he writes for the floor action >> so the house and senate votes will be postponed to 6:00: 30 p.m. eastern. later in the week, two bills with industry regulations. one would remove regulations on financial swaps.
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be back at 2:00 eastern debating the nomination of richard griffin jr. for relations board general counsel. he's a former union lawyer. a federal appeals court ruled that was invalid and he was removed after a year and a half.
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. >> this is ten minutes. >> happy birthday. it is exciting for me to come the end of what all accounts has been a stimulating and exciting day filled with leaders and
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thinkers about what it is to be progress i progressive country. i'm delighted to share this stage with two people who are particularly important leaders in the progressive movement. i had the pleasure of working with her for many years and i have seen her intellect and energy and action on so many occasions. she brings a a -- i think we need to owe another round of appreciation for mira.
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what could i say about john podesta that could do him justice. there's no one like him in washington, d.c. or probably anywhere else. when my husband needed a sure hand to steer his second term into the white house, he turned to john podesta. equal parts thinker and doer, fighter and facilitator. brilliant, yet always modest and level headed. and when president obama needed a respected leader to oversee his transition, he, again, turned to john podesta. and when i need advice, either on grand strategy or day-to-day tactics, i turn to john as well. he is our indispensable man and someone who has carried a cap on his shoulders for so long. and i am deeply grateful to him and i know the voice of dodd, which is appropriate, introduced
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him, but i think we should also show our appreciation again to john podesta. we may have different backgrounds but we share a set of values that animates our work and our lives. the value of justice, freedom, opportunity, and equality that everyone the world over deserves to have in their lives and their societies to deserve to have the chance to live up to their god-given potential to participate fully in the economic political, social lives of the places where they were born and lived. so when you look at these values and how much the united states
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had to do in thrusting them into human history and nurturing them and protecting them for so many years now, it's always a little surprising that we have to keep fighting so hard on behalf of them. to make the case over and over and over again. but mira and john and you roll up your sleeves every day. it's based on data and evidence, notolog ideology. it will achieve results and better people's lives. i well remember when john and sara wartel came to see me about this new idea they were working on. a progressive think tank that would stand up and fight back in a city that had a lot of think tanks on the other side of the aisle. that would champion our values, develop smart policies based on
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sound research and scholarship. and then would advocate and engage in the public debate. at the same time, mira and i have been talking about how we can see this happen. we were working on the very same idea. and at the end of the clinton administration, i knew that if we didn't have an infrastructure in place to continue to build on what had been accomplished and to sort of hold the line on any efforts at retrenchment, we would not be doing our job. so we began to talk and the results are that mira, john, and sara joined forces and cap was born. now, there were skeptics back then. many people in cap began quickly
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influencing the important debates about both foreign and domestic policy. and in particular, capped efforts to put the cause of affordable quality health care for every american back on the national agenda was essential. so the ideas that sprung from cap began influencing debate and it no longer seemed unusual or a little bit of a novelty to have cap at the table make the case.
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evidence-based policy formulation and around the world. as i travelled as secretary of state, it was not uncommon for me to be asked about cap particularly by leaders who can have a infrastructure to support their views on their country. you talk about marrying the ideas with activists to know how to carry the ideas forward. the movement for history for rights and civil rights for organized labor for clean air and water has been so much more have been advanced by men and women who gather the data, marshal the arguments. wrote, spoke, marched, advocated, just like cap.
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people make claims and arguments that have no basis in evidence. but which are i'd logically motivate motivated. mothers worried they won't get the help they need to buy formula and food for their babies. we're careening from crisis to crisis instead of having a fun, bringing people to that plan. focusing on common sense solutions and being relentless in driving toward them. so cap is needed today as much as if not more than it ever has
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been. there are big challenges facing us, facing our country, facing our world. we will need your help. there are so many examples that you discussed during the day. there are so many issues that you work on every day. and i'm just grateful and that's what i came to say. i'm grateful that cap exists. i'm grateful that people support it generously. i'm grateful that it attracts such talent and incredible energy and determination to make a difference on behalf of our country. progressive ideas that helped to make this country the greatest force for human liberty, dignity, and opportunity the world has ever known. and i know that cap will continue leading the way, looking over the horizon while keeping ones feet firmly planted
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in the here and now, helping to renew america's promise and greatness for years to come. so happy birthday, thank you. and let's keep going.
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this week on q&a, jonathan goodman levitt discusses "follow the leader." >> jonathan goodman levitt, documentarian. did you know when you went to stanford and studied psychology and got a masters in social psychology that you wanted to go into this kind of work. >> i didn't initially. i feel the time in stanford i wouldn't want to be in the lab for the rest of my life so i decided to apply for a full scholarship i was lucky enough


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